New single out now - Live & Forgive!

On May 24, Trine Rein releases her second single of the year, Live & Forgive! The song is about forgiving and letting go. You can always start with a clean slate in life by letting go of old grudges. Live & Forgive is a song about burying hard feelings, and to start again. A good 'springtime song' where everything is made new☀️

Live & Forgive is available on all streaming services on May 24, and you can find your favorite access point here: Live & Forgive


Written by: Hans Petter Aaserud/Kine Nesheim /Bernt Rune Stray/Trine Rein Produced by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen Mixed & Mastered by: Bjørn Erik Pedersen All Instruments and Programming by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen

Please enjoy!🤩

Early Bird TICKETS FOR X-MAS tour available now!

Yes, that’s right - my EarlyBird offer is only once a year, but my Christmas concert Julegaven (‘The Christmas Gift’) is every year!😊🎶🐓🎄🌟

So, getting ready to enjoy a long springtime, an awesome concert summer and a busy fall before a new round of my Christmas concerts is so much easier when you know you’ve already ensured your tickets a long time ago - and at a great price, too! If you act before May 1., you get a full 20% discount on every ticket (plus ticket fees).

This year, we are visiting churches around the South- and Eastern parts of Norway, and I’ve expanded my band to a three piece! Also, I will be working with regional choirs in every county, and this year’s Julegaven will definitely be one worth catching. Please, follow THIS LINK to see the full Christmas tour, and to order your discounted tickets.


New single out now - duet with Ole Børud!


Check out my newest single, 'Where do we go' - a pop duet together with my amazing friend and singer, Ole Børud! Available in all digital streaming services now, please enjoy! Here are a few links to find it:

Spotify: Where do we go

iTunes: Where do we go

Apple Music: Where do we go

Tidal: Where do we go

YouTube: Where do we go

Wanna sing along? Check out the lyrics!


Where do we go

(Bernt Rune Stray, Aleksander With, Lisa Miskovsky, Berent Phillip Moe, Trine Rein)


Counting the numbers Picking up pieces Putting the boxes into place

Taking down pictures Scratching the marks out Of the places we made out of grace

Tell me now where do we go from here//:

So where’re you going Gotta know you’re gonna be okay If nothing is what you need Tell me all of this time Did you know did you feel that it was beautiful Some things are hard to reveal All I want is that you Know that it’s true

Saw you the last time Felt like the first time and the rain was pouring your name Cleaning the streets while making me see how all the stones are reflecting the same

Tell me now where do we go from here//:

So where’re you going Gotta know you’re gonna be okay If nothing is what you need Tell me all of this time Did you know did you feel that it was beautiful Some things are hard to reveal All I want is that you Know that it’s true

You don’t need a hand to hold It’s getting dark and cold Just make the moment last before it’s gone A flick of light will be all that you will see I’m making steps for you to climb again

climb again

So where’re you going Gotta know you’re gonna be okay If nothing is what you need Tell me all of this time Did you know did you feel that it was beautiful Some things are hard to reveal


So where’re you going Gotta know you’re gonna be okay If nothing is what you need Tell me all of this time Did you know did you feel that it was beautiful Some things are hard to reveal All I want is that you Know that it’s true


"Whenever we meet" (Hver gang vi møtes) season 8 is running!

TV show “Hver gang vi møtes” (Whenever we meet) season 8 is running Saturdays at 8 pm on Norwegian TV channel 2! So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with a viewer's record on opening day! Elisabeth 'Bettan' Andreassen was the first artist to share her stories and to be honored by her fellow colleagues in the show, and she was very moved by the efforts of the others in performing and interpreting her songs. "My day" is Saturday, January 19, and we hereby assure our viewers that this episode will also be worth seeing. In the weeks to come, we are excited to share all the interpretations of cherished music as well as some of the most beautiful and memorable moments of our careers and lives.

Here is a link where you can see our performances on YouTube: Hver gang vi møtes

...and here is a link to listen on Spotify: Hver gang vi møtes music




2019 - here we go!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! January 2019 is here, untouched like a field of fresh snow. Each and every one of us has a clean slight to paint with all the colors we wish to include in our lives. What an opportunity!

Last year, I participated in recording a new TV show, 'Hver gang vi møtes' (Whenever we meet) for Norwegian TV to be broadcast Jan./Feb. 2019. This will be the kick off for my 25th anniversary as an international artist (time flies!).

For the occasion, I have been working in the studio preparing a few new tracks to be released very soon. One of my new singles is actually a duet with one of Norway's greatest male voices - and who he is will remain a secret a little while longer. Stay tuned!

2019 will entail a lot of concert activities both with my full band as well as my acoustic setting. I like to juggle the two musical extremities to keep myself focused on my performances, and not become too settled in one setting.

My Christmas tour, Julegaven (The Christmas Gift), is in the pipeline, and this year, I want to create something really amazing for you to experience in light of my 25th anniversary. Again, stay tuned for more updates.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for following me, and for supporting me in my concerts through 2018 and all the years before. My audience is my reason for singing and making music, and without you, there would be no artist-me.

Wishing you all the best for the new year. May you be healthy, happy and blessed beyond your dreams. Make wise and loving choices for your health, the climate and for each other. Make sure to hit me up if I visit your hometown with a concert during any of the next 365 days!

See you soon, and happy new year!

With Love,





New Christmas LIVE album!

Surprise! This month, I am releasing a new Christmas LIVE album! Last year, we recorded our Christmas concert, Julegaven (the Christmas gift), with guest artist Eli Kristin Hanssveen, and my great band Olav Torgeir Kopsland on strings and Sjur Husom Vonen on stings and keys. The concert was recorded in Jessehim church, and one of the songs was recorded in Østenstad church. Now, these recordings have been made into a brand, new and exclusive CD, only available for purchase at our Christmas concerts.

Yes, that's right, you will not be able to find these tracks online in any of the streaming platforms at this point, it will be exclusively available to buy if you show up at one of our Christmas concerts.

Tickets for Julegaven are available here: JULEGAVEN

Welcome to my Christmas concert Julegaven with my wonderful guest artist Eli Kristin Hanssveen!


Christmas in only 16 weeks!

No kidding! In only 16 weeks, we are celebrating Christmas around the world, and in only three months, I begin my annual Christmas tour, Julegaven (the Christmas Gift) around Norway. This means you can already secure your tickets now at Ticketmaster. This year, I have re-invited my amazing guest artist, Eli Kristin Hanssveen along for the ride. We had such a wonderful time working together last year that I couldn't picture another tour without her beautiful voice and friendship this year. Eli is one of the very rare singers who can sing both classical opera as well as secular music. She can do anything with her voice, and I am quite impressed. You will be, too!

My musicians are so talented - I am bringing Olav Torgeir Kopsland as always on guitars and pedal steel, and David Aleksander Sjølie on guitars and keyboards - and more! We are excited, and hope to see you in one of the churches we visit along the way. You can find your tickets here:


Welcome to the most heartwarming Christmas concert of the year - Julegaven!

Fall season coming up in new colors!

August - it's still considered a summer month, but as the temperatures have gone down by about 50% since July, it certainly feels like fall is just around the corner. Vacationers are returning, back to school-ads are beginning to dominate the web, and slowly, but surely, I'm reintroducing long sleeve shirts into my wardrobe again. It's ok, summer has been amazing here in Norway, as long as you are not a farmer! This summer, I have been juggling two different concepts of concerts - one with my full band doing larger arenas and festivals, and one with my new guitar- and keyboard player, Aleksander Sjoelie in smaller venues and more intimate clubs. I love to do both, and no, I can't choose which one I prefer. I still have a few upcoming concerts this fall before diving into Christmas concert mode in November. Check out my 'Events' calendar to keep yourself posted. You still have a chance to catch both of my concert concepts this year - the acoustic one, and the full band one.

I have also participated in recording a new TV show called "Whenever we meet" (Hver gang vi møtes) to be broadcast early 2019. I can't reveal much about it at this point other than the fact that we truly went through the motions on that one!

Next week, I'm going into the studio to begin creating new material for next year. It's kinda my "back to school"-move this season. I'm anxious to get started as I already have a few ideas to roll, and I'm looking forward to see where creativity takes me this time. Going in with an open mind - there are only two kinds of music, anyway - the good kind, and the bad kind. I'm shooting to end up with the good kind!

See you soon!



Summertime, oh so nice!

I love this time of year - summertime! Midnight sun, so much light and warm weather (yes, even here in Norway!). Where I live, it has actually been extremely hot and dry so far this year, to the point where it is actually becoming a problem for our water supply and our farmers. Imagine that - in Norway! One of the great things about summer are all the wonderful concert venues to play at - both in-doors, and out-doors. This summer, I'm planning to visit quite extensive parts of Norway, and I hope to see you at one of my concerts. I have also created a brand new, acoustic concept bringing only one musician along for some of the concerts - introducing Aleksander Sjølie! I'm looking to throw more intimate concerts and get closer to my audience before changing gears and getting into my annual Christmas tour again. Gee, that seems so far away right now in about 25 degrees celcius, but really - Christmas is only less than 6 months away already!

Check out my tour list here: Trine Rein on tour July-December 2018

Until we see each other again - enjoy you summer, and your vacation if you are lucky to be on one!




Early Bird offer for upcoming Christmas tour available now!

Tickets for Trine Rein's annual Christmas concert tour, Julegaven (the Christmas gift), are now available for purchase at Ticketmaster, and if you place your purchase before July 1st, you get an Early Bird discount! Last year, Trine Rein invited the amazing and extremely versatile opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, along as her guest artist. The concert was such a success that she decided to invite Hanssveen along for another Christmas tour this year. The two singers fulfill each other in a very special way, and the joy they both experience while performing together is brought to the audience as a wonderful way of sharing the Christmas spirit.

As many as 32 different churches around Norway get to experience this year's Julegaven concert - please see events for a full overview of the Christmas tour.

For tickets, please visit: Ticketmaster/Julegaven

Welcome to the most heart warming Christmas concert of the year!




Springtime in Norway!

Finally, it looks like the snow is melting away after a really long and snowy winter. The other day, I found my first horseshoe flower, a sure sign of spring in Norway. Since finishing my Christmas tour, Julegaven, last year, I've been pretty much like a sleepwalking zombie during the first few months of the year. It took a toll on me, but with sufficient rest, healthy eating, yoga, fresh air and positive thinking, I'm now back in the saddle. It doesn't mean I have been entirely dormant since January.

On the contrary, I have - with the help of my wonderful booking agent, Reidun Berntsen from Rocksport Booking - managed to book a full, new Christmas tour for this year. I have also played a music festival in Thailand, and done a few other concerts around Norway. Being back in Asia to play concerts was a real treat for me. It has been so long, and I felt so blessed to get the opportunity again!

These days, I'm rehearsing with a new colleague, guitar- and keyboard player David Aleksander Sjølie, in order to take things back to basic. For several years now, I have been touring with a full 5-6 piece band, which is a lot of fun to do! However, I've felt the need to strip it all down, and create a more intimate setting in my concerts to get closer to my audience. So - introducing: Trine Rein Acoustic!

In a little while, I will publish some upcoming events here - and until I do: Enjoy your springtime, wherever you are!



Trine :-)

New single out now - Julegaven (the Christmas Gift)

Trine Rein's Christmas album, Julegaven (the Christmas Gift) was released in 2011, followed by her first Christmas concert tour by the same title. Ever since she embarked on her Christmas concert journey she has always wanted to have a title song to go along with her Christmas production. Now, on the fifth anniversary of her Christmas tour, her has come true, and a title song is finally making her Christmas production - Julegaven - complete. This year, the Christmas single, Julegaven, was created in several stages starting with a talk around the breakfast table between Trine and her husband, Lars Monsen. Trine told Lars about how she had wanted to write a title song to her Christmas project, and that she wanted it to embrace the message about Divine love - the foundation of her Christmas tours. A wave of inspiration caught Lars, and he began to speak in beautiful phrases potentially worthy to be the lyrics of a new song. Trine wrote down every word, and was moved by the strong statements given by her husband as they did indeed embrace her original idea for the song.

After writing down all the beautiful statements, Trine first decided to contact her friend and colleague, Trygve Skaug, to help her put the statements into a lyric and a song. She invited Trygve, as well as her guest artist and opera singer for this year's Christmas tour, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, to her home to co-write the song which eventually became the new single, Julegaven.

There is also a video to go with the new single. This video is shot during Trine's journey to Uganda in August 2017 in collaboration with relief organization Mission Aviation Fellowship, Trine has invited MAF Norway to join her on her Christmas tour in order to expand the understanding of the Christmas gift. This collaboration enables Trines audience to learn about how MAF Norway works, and provides an opportunity to support by giving the most valuable Christmas gift this year - saving lives.

The song is produced by Anders Kjaer, Bjorn-Erik Pedersen and Trine Rein - and it is out now! Please enjoy Julegaven via these streaming services:


iTunes / Apple Music


Klicktrack Music Store

To view video, click here: JULEGAVEN video

For tickets to the Christmas concert tour, please visit Ticketmaster.


Trine Rein & Eli Kristin Hanssveen together in "Julegaven"

Trine Rein launches her Christmas tour with new, featured artist! A few years back, a strong spiritual experience created the foundation to Trine Rein's project, Julegaven (The Christmas Gift). Like in previous years, this year she wishes to fill her Norwegian audience with the Christmas spirit, and she is going on a major Christmas concert tour covering all of 37 churches around the country. 


Earlier, Rein has worked with various local children-, teen-, and adult choirs, and this year they are replaced by opera singer Eli Kristin Hanssveen as her featured artist.

With these strong and varied voices together, the audience is guaranteed a vast musical experience with a bouquet of everything between classical pearls and popular Christmas music.

What Rein offers is not the traditional Christmas concert:

"I wish to create excitement and happiness in church, and my concerts include an element of humor as well as the more solemn moments. Additionally, I want to share the message of love for my audience to take home for Christmas", she explains.

The tour is also a collaboration with relief organization Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), with which Trine recently visited one of the refugee camps in Uganda in preparation for the tour. She will share more about this mission during the concert.

MAF is a world wide relief organization flying much needed supplies, medical equipment and medical personell to the hardest-to-reach, and most often troubled areas of the world. Every third minute one of MAF's 140 airplanes take off or land on a mission in one of the 25 countries they operate within - in Asia, South-America or in Africa. They are politically neutral, and help other relief organizations in transporting necessary aid and supplies to various disaster struck areas.

This year, Julegaven visits the following churches - for tickets, please click here JULEGAVEN

28.11.17 Nittedal Rotnes Kirke
29.11.17 Lillehammer Lillehammer Kirke
30.11.17 Løten Løten Kirke
30.11.17 Brumunddal Brumunddal Kirke
01.12.17 Søndre Land Skute Kirke
01.12.17 Vestre Toten Ås Kirke
02.12.17 Gran Tingelstad Kirke
03.12.17 Gjøvik Biri kirke
05.12.17 Bergen Johannesskirken
06.12.17 Fitjar Fitjar Kirke
06.12.17 Bømlo Bremnes Kirke
07.12.17 Sveio Sveio Kirke
07.12.17 Karmøy Nye Kopervik Kirke
08.12.17 Sandnes Gand Kirke
08.12.17 Stavanger St.Petri Kirke
09.12.17 Sandnes Riska Kirke
09.12.17 Bryne Bryne Kirken
10.12.17 Flekkefjord Flekkefjord Kirke
11.12.17 Grimstad Grimstad Kirke
11.12.17 Arendal Barbu Kirke
12.12.17 Holmestrand KulturYkirken
12.12.17 Svelvik Svelvik Kirke
15.12.17 Hamar Vang Kirke
15.12.17 Stange Stange Kirke
16.12.17 Jessheim Jessheim Nye Kirke
16.12.17 Oslo Bøler Kirke
17.12.17 Mysen Eidsberg Kirke
17.12.17 Løken Løken kirke
18.12.17 Nedre Eiker Nedre Eiker Kirke
18.12.17 Oslo Ullern Kirke
19.12.17 Kongsberg Kongsberg Kirke
19.12.17 Eiker Vestfossen Kirke
20.12.17 Asker Østenstad
20.12.17 Oslo Fagerborg Kirke
21.12.17 Sarpsborg Tune Kirke
21.12.17 Vestby Vestby Kirke
22.12.17 Oslo Vålerengen Kirke


For tickets, please visit: JULEGAVEN


Tickets to "The Christmas Gift"-tour available now!

As we still have snow in major parts of Norway, and it is, in fact, still snowing from time to time, we are taking the opportunity to launch this year's upcoming Christmas tour - JULEGAVEN - (the Christmas Gift)! Trine Rein is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her own JULEGAVEN Christmas tour, and this year, she is proud to introduce fantastic opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, to join the team! Eli Kristin is an extremely versatile singer who manages to perform opera as well as secular pop and rock music - a very rare combination, and in some musical environments, downright unheard of!

The two artists will perform a variety of classical as well as contemporary Christmas music to get you in the right Christmas spirit. The concert will potentially move you and make you happy, and you will receive a gift for the heart and the soul on your continued life journey.

This year's musicians are the wonderful Olav Torgeir Kopsland on strings - to keep the traditions alive - and the new kid in town, multi instrumentalist Sjur Husom Vonen on keyboards and guitars.

We are happy to announce that this year, JULEGAVEN will be supporting the hard working charity organization, Mission Aviation Fellowship - MAF Norway.


Tickets available now - WELCOME!

For tickets: JULEGAVEN 2017

The Well release tour is rolling!

The Well release tour is on the road with Trine Rein and guest artist Tony Carey! With the AMAZING album reviews this record has received there is no reason not to check out this package live, too! The concerts featuring Tony Carey are exclusive, though, and your chances to see him live in Norway with Trine Rein are closing in. Still a few more concerts to go spread out throughout the country - please check the tour dates for a full overview and ticket links. Feedback from the audience so far has been nothing short of overwhelming. Hope to see you out there soon!


THE WELL TOUR, feat. Tony Carey!

Rett rundt hjørnet: Trine Reins release turné THE WELL, feat. Tony Carey! 9. mars legger Trine og hennes håndplukkede musikere i The Jan Holberg Project ut på sin release turné THE WELL, feat. rockelegenden Tony Carey. Tony har vært med på å skrive, produsere, og spille inn Trines nye album, The Well.

Premièren er satt til Sjøborg kulturhus i Ulsteinvik kl 20:00, og både Trine, Tony og bandet skjerper nå sine musikalske muskler for å gi deg en spennende reise innen musikkens mange sjangere!

Tony Carey tar seg faktisk fri fra sin hektiske timeplan for å være med Trine på de første ti konsertene i år. Halvveis tar han en pause i begynnelsen av april for å ta imot den ærefulle tyske Grammy prisen for sine prestasjoner i all-star bandet ManDoki Soulmates og deres "Wings of Freedom tour 2017". Prisen er for "Best Live Entertainment Act", og er en stor anerkjennelse å motta.

Trine er mer enn beæret for å ha en så legendarisk stjerne med seg på sin The Well turné.

Dette er en sjelden og eksklusiv anledning, folkens, så sørg for at du ikke går glipp av muligheten til å få med deg denne konserten!

Billetter får du her: THE WELL


The Well - album available now!

My brand new album, The Well, is finally out! I am so excited about this album! I've been chipping away at it for the last two years together with my buddy, Tony Carey, a collaboration which began with a phone call to my other buddy, Ronni le Tekrø. This is one of those "The Lord works in mysterious ways"-kinda experiences, because how on earth did I end up collaborating with rock legend Tony Carey in the first place? To make a long story short, Ronni insisted I contacted Tony, and now - two years later, we are releasing a whole new album, we're going on tour together, and we're feeling high on life! The album is available on CD and vinyl in addition to all the major streaming engines. Check out my album via one of these channels - and if you like it I would be thrilled if you share it with your friends! I'm also happy to hear your personal feedback!

Platekompaniet: THE WELL CD/VINYL Spotify: THE WELL Tidal/Wimp: THE WELL Deezer: THE WELL iTunes/AppleMusic: THE WELL


Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year, guys! I hope your year has been a great one so far, and if not, it's still early...😊

I've got great plans this year! For two years now, I have been working on a new album together with Ronni le Tekrø and Tony Carey. Ronni was on board for the beginning of the project, and after creating three songs together which all made the album, Tony and I continued collaborating both live, and also to create the rest of the album material. It has been a long process, indeed, and an exciting, educating and interesting journey!

The idea for the album was born when my husband, Lars Monsen, surprised me on my birthday by taking me to a Zappa Union concert in Oslo. I didn't even know I would like that sort of music, but upon leaving the concert venue, I was more inspired than I can recall. The music they played took me on a musical journey visiting almost any and all musical genres imaginable on the way. It was almost like getting a musical shower, and I remember wanting the concert to just continue into eternity. My first thought was, "how can I make music like that?" So I called up my most openminded, crazy and creative friend and colleague, Ronni, who was eager to start playing with the ideas I had. He insisted on taking Tony Carey on board, and the three of us began working in Ronni's studio shortly after. To make a long story short, my upcoming album is now ready to be released, and the official release date for The Well is Jan. 27, 2017.

The album will be available via streaming, downloads, CD and - oh yes! Vinyl!! This will be my first vinyl release since my debut with the album Finders Keepers as a solo artist. The vinyl album will be released in a limited edition, and I will provide you with a link to order it as soon as it becomes available.

My official release tour begins on March 9, and Tony Carey will be featured in the first few concerts - this is a rare opportunity, guys! Check event dates and ticket links here: THE WELL TOUR 2017

Until the official album release, you are welcome to check out my singles from the upcoming album here: HELLO IT'S ME

For those of you who like planning ahead, there will also be a Christmas tour towards the end of the year. I am going to bring my own Christmas tour JULEGAVEN (THE CHRISTMAS GIFT) back to life, and this time I will bring a very special guest along with me. You're gonna love it! Stay tuned for ticket info as this tour is still in the making!

Enjoy your new year - it's a clean slate, let's make the most of it!