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Trine Rein continues last year’s success inviting the amazing opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, for another tour with her heartwarming Christmas concert, Julegaven (the Christmas gift). Through the years, this concert has moved and pleased many. For the sixth time, Julegaven visits various churches around Norway in the advent season. With these two powerful and varied voices together, the audience is ensured a wide variety of musical experiences with classical- and traditional Christmas music in a tasteful combo. This concert offers both humoristic elements as well as due devoutness, and the Christmas gift is shared in the beautiful Christmas message.

Welcome to a concert you can take into the heart and soul on your life journey.

In collaboration with Mission Aviation Fellowship, Norway:

Doors open approx. 20mins before show start.

Concert duration approx. 80 mins total.

For companion tickets, please contact the call center at +47 22 82 81 97

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