Julegaven (The Christmas Gift) is Trine Rein’s first Christmas album, released first time in 2011. After Trine returned back from her years in California, she not only brought back a lot of fond memories, but she also had a life changing, spiritual experience leading her to create this Divinely inspired album. Her mission became to inspiring more happiness and up beat spirits in the church of Norway, and to share her Divine experience with all those seeking the Christmas spirit in time for the Holidays.

To begin with, Trine Rein engaged local Soul Children choirs around Norway, and later expanded to work with various other choirs. Her friend, colleauge and professional soprano opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, joined the Christmas tour in 2017/18, a collaboration that became very popular among the audience. In 2019, Trine continues to engage various local choirs for her Christmas tour, Julegaven.