Seeds of Joy is Trine Rein’s 4th studio album, and when released in 2010, it was her first studio album release in twelve years. The album was recorded after a few years in the theatre scene as well as her years of living and working in California. Trine Rein was inspired by the crossover pop country genre she had lived with for so many years in the States. Feeling an urge to go back to her roots, Trine flirts with the various elements of country pop, folk and americana on this album.

She participates in writing all the original songs on the album, and the lyrics are personal and based on her own experiences through the last decade. The album includes songs like ‘I Am Leaving You’, ‘I Found Love’ and ‘Not For Long’ (duet with Norwegian artist, Paal Flaata).

Seeds of Joy is available on CD and on all major streaming services.