The Very Best Of Trine Rein was released in 2004 when she returned from her living in LA to participate in a live show in Norway. The album is a collection of her most favored tracks from the first three solo albums in the 90’ies. Additionally, she included a recording of the cover song ‘Cry Baby’, inspired by Janis Joplin. Trine Rein’s version of ‘Cry Baby’ was produced by the late Rolf Graf in Copenhagen, and was never considered for an album until this release.

Another new gem to be introduced on this album is the song ‘With Or Without You’, written by star producer and writer, David Frank (The System, Christina Aguilera/Genie in a Bottle). Trine Rein met David Frank in his LA home to record a couple of his demos, and later they found common ground with this track to be added to Trine’s best-of album.

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