Stjernekamp - The Battle of the Stars!

Loading up for an eventful fall season, Trine Rein is excited to be one of the contestants in NRK TVs big event - StjernekampThis fall, Trine Rein is one of ten contestants trying to conquer the title of Norway's ultimate entertainer 2015. Every Saturday, they will perform live with a new song from a new genre. It will be up to the viewer's votes to decide who gets to continue to the following week.

Trine says: "This is the most exciting, marathon like and nerve wrecking ordeal I have ever entered voluntarily, and I promise to do my absolute best to ensure the viewers a great show as long as they will let me stay in it. We are so lucky! We get to perform on tv, and to do what we like the most for work. Yet, at the same time, the pressure is sooo on. I wake up every morning with my heart beating like I just ran a mile. I'm very excited, and very nervous at the same time. Can't wait to get started, and may the best entertainer win!"

NRK1, Saturdays starting August 29.