Early Bird offer for upcoming Christmas tour available now!

Tickets for Trine Rein's annual Christmas concert tour, Julegaven (the Christmas gift), are now available for purchase at Ticketmaster, and if you place your purchase before July 1st, you get an Early Bird discount! Last year, Trine Rein invited the amazing and extremely versatile opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, along as her guest artist. The concert was such a success that she decided to invite Hanssveen along for another Christmas tour this year. The two singers fulfill each other in a very special way, and the joy they both experience while performing together is brought to the audience as a wonderful way of sharing the Christmas spirit.

As many as 32 different churches around Norway get to experience this year's Julegaven concert - please see events for a full overview of the Christmas tour.

For tickets, please visit: Ticketmaster/Julegaven

Welcome to the most heart warming Christmas concert of the year!




Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia