New Christmas LIVE album!

Surprise! This month, I am releasing a new Christmas LIVE album! Last year, we recorded our Christmas concert, Julegaven (the Christmas gift), with guest artist Eli Kristin Hanssveen, and my great band Olav Torgeir Kopsland on strings and Sjur Husom Vonen on stings and keys. The concert was recorded in Jessehim church, and one of the songs was recorded in Østenstad church. Now, these recordings have been made into a brand, new and exclusive CD, only available for purchase at our Christmas concerts.

Yes, that's right, you will not be able to find these tracks online in any of the streaming platforms at this point, it will be exclusively available to buy if you show up at one of our Christmas concerts.

Tickets for Julegaven are available here: JULEGAVEN

Welcome to my Christmas concert Julegaven with my wonderful guest artist Eli Kristin Hanssveen!


Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia