Trine Rein is in the final!!!

Only one show left in The Battle of the Stars, and Trine is still in the game as one of two finalists...What a thriller! Only two contestants standing in The Battle of the Stars - Maria Haukås Mittet and Trine Rein! This Saturday is showdown, and the finalists are preparing for the final battle in NRKs Stjernekamp.

They are doing three songs each, one is a highlight from the season, one is the viewer's choice, and finally the contestants get to perform one song from their own repertoar.

Trine's songs will be Amazing Grace, Firework, and The Well - one of the first songs written, recorded and produced in the collaboration between Tony CareyRonni Le Tekro and Trine Rein. Maria will perform And I am Telling You, Halo, and "Gjennom Sorga Går en Sang", a Norwegian folk song originally written and performed by Norwegian artist, Halvdan Sivertsen.

The Well was originally written as a prayer and a statement about how the human race is ruining the world, with still pictures from Trine's better half, Lars Monsen's Canada and Alaska expeditions. The pictures describe the the contrast between the majesty of unharmed land, and the consequences of pollution and greed by the human race.

Upon discussing which song would be the best to present in the final of Stjernekamp, Tony Carey's wife, Marion, suddenly saw a whole different meaning in the lyrics. She felt the song describes in detail what is going on with the current dramatic situation of the refugees in Europe. Everyone already familiar with the lyrics of The Well were startled at the point she had made, and suddenly saw a completely different aspect in the song. Tony Carey will be joining Trine on stage in performing their new song, The Well on Saturday. The song will not yet be released, so until then the only place to catch it is either on NRK this Saturday, or in upcoming live concerts where Trine and Tony are featured together.

Check Events to see where we are performing together!

As for the final - may the ultimate entertainer of Norway 2015 win!