New music video premiere alert for Live & Forgive!

On May 24, Trine Rein releases her second single of the year, Live & Forgive! On May 31 it is time for the video release, and the video will be a live premiere on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously at 6pm (GMT +2). You will be able to comment and ask questions as well as being the first to see this brand new music video from Trine Rein.

The video is recorded in Norway and in the South of France this springtime. Trine’s helpers this time are her husband, Lars Monsen (chauffeur and photographer), her brother-in-law, Jan Monsen (drone shots and some steady cam shots), and her dear mother (beach shots, missing-the-bus shots) who joined her in the South of France towards the end of the recording and editing process. The aquarelle on the cover is from the forthcoming video, and it is donated by artist Per Vie. Graphics by Øistein Madsen.

Other than that, Trine rose to new highs in the #DIY concept, and created everything herself. All other shots are by Trine Rein as well as drawing, lyrics writing, styling, make up, script, producing, editing and finalizing the video.

The song is about forgiving and letting go. You can always start with a clean slate in life by letting go of old grudges. Live & Forgive is a song about burying hard feelings, and to start again. A good 'springtime song' where everything is made new☀️

Live & Forgive is available on all streaming services on May 24, and you can find your favorite access point here: Live & Forgive


Written by: Hans Petter Aaserud/Kine Nesheim /Bernt Rune Stray/Trine Rein Produced by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen Mixed & Mastered by: Bjørn Erik Pedersen All Instruments and Programming by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen

Please enjoy!🤩

Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia