New single out now - Live & Forgive!

On May 24, Trine Rein releases her second single of the year, Live & Forgive! The song is about forgiving and letting go. You can always start with a clean slate in life by letting go of old grudges. Live & Forgive is a song about burying hard feelings, and to start again. A good 'springtime song' where everything is made new☀️

Live & Forgive is available on all streaming services on May 24, and you can find your favorite access point here: Live & Forgive


Written by: Hans Petter Aaserud/Kine Nesheim /Bernt Rune Stray/Trine Rein Produced by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen Mixed & Mastered by: Bjørn Erik Pedersen All Instruments and Programming by: Bernt Rune Stray/Bjørn Erik Pedersen

Please enjoy!🤩

Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia