Allergy season and upcoming concerts

Trine Rein has her own tricks to avoid allergies during springtime... While so many people complain about allergies during the first months of spring, artists like Trine Rein have ways to overcome these symptoms and to make sure the show goes on. Trine's best advice is to start early taking acupuncture and getting the right homeopathic medicine for your allergies. Also, maintaining a strong immunity system is crucial, and it is an every day activity no matter what time of the year it is.

"I always start the day by taking a good serving of super greens in a glass of water, or in a veggie smoothie, followed by a small glass of Tahitian Noni Juice to go with my Omega 3 from either seal oil or algae. Also, my favorite multi vitamin Oxylent is always with me when I travel, and it has saved me a bunch of times from catching a cold or whatever is going around. I don't think it is possible to take too many vitamins and minerals from the levels set by the medical industry as our 'daily needs' - of course, they don't want that stuff to work, or else they'd be out of business. Anyway, that's my personal opinion from reading up on it for years..." Trine states.

A few of Trine's upcoming concerts have been added to the events calendar, and there are still a few more to come for 2016. Please check it out HERE!

Wishing you a sneeze free, non-watery nose or itchy eyes cool springtime!