January 11 already??

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!Happy 2016, guys! Trine Rein is just catching her breath from last year's endavours, and beginning to look into the opportunities of the new year. Some 60 Christmas concerts do take a toll on a humble artist, especially after fulfilling ten live TV shows in the same amount of weeks on national tv before the tour begins... Well. Thank you for the music!

For Trine, this year will be another eventful one. Got several live concerts coming up, both solo shows and in the successful collaboration with rock legend Tony Carey!

In the final Stjernekamp tv show (The Battle of the Stars), Trine Rein and Tony Carey were able to give a small sample of one of their upcoming singles, The Well. Grateful for the very positive reception of the teaser from their audience, the two artists are even more excited to start working with this powerful song in the months to come.

Here is a link to the live performance of The Well on NRK, a two and a half minute teaser of a much longer composition: THE WELL - to be continued...

There are lots of opportunities in a new year - may your days be Blessed and your Dreams come true!