New single out now - Julegaven (the Christmas Gift)

Trine Rein's Christmas album, Julegaven (the Christmas Gift) was released in 2011, followed by her first Christmas concert tour by the same title. Ever since she embarked on her Christmas concert journey she has always wanted to have a title song to go along with her Christmas production. Now, on the fifth anniversary of her Christmas tour, her has come true, and a title song is finally making her Christmas production - Julegaven - complete. This year, the Christmas single, Julegaven, was created in several stages starting with a talk around the breakfast table between Trine and her husband, Lars Monsen. Trine told Lars about how she had wanted to write a title song to her Christmas project, and that she wanted it to embrace the message about Divine love - the foundation of her Christmas tours. A wave of inspiration caught Lars, and he began to speak in beautiful phrases potentially worthy to be the lyrics of a new song. Trine wrote down every word, and was moved by the strong statements given by her husband as they did indeed embrace her original idea for the song.

After writing down all the beautiful statements, Trine first decided to contact her friend and colleague, Trygve Skaug, to help her put the statements into a lyric and a song. She invited Trygve, as well as her guest artist and opera singer for this year's Christmas tour, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, to her home to co-write the song which eventually became the new single, Julegaven.

There is also a video to go with the new single. This video is shot during Trine's journey to Uganda in August 2017 in collaboration with relief organization Mission Aviation Fellowship, Trine has invited MAF Norway to join her on her Christmas tour in order to expand the understanding of the Christmas gift. This collaboration enables Trines audience to learn about how MAF Norway works, and provides an opportunity to support by giving the most valuable Christmas gift this year - saving lives.

The song is produced by Anders Kjaer, Bjorn-Erik Pedersen and Trine Rein - and it is out now! Please enjoy Julegaven via these streaming services:


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To view video, click here: JULEGAVEN video

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Trine Rein

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