Trine Rein & Eli Kristin Hanssveen together in "Julegaven"

Trine Rein launches her Christmas tour with new, featured artist! A few years back, a strong spiritual experience created the foundation to Trine Rein's project, Julegaven (The Christmas Gift). Like in previous years, this year she wishes to fill her Norwegian audience with the Christmas spirit, and she is going on a major Christmas concert tour covering all of 37 churches around the country. 


Earlier, Rein has worked with various local children-, teen-, and adult choirs, and this year they are replaced by opera singer Eli Kristin Hanssveen as her featured artist.

With these strong and varied voices together, the audience is guaranteed a vast musical experience with a bouquet of everything between classical pearls and popular Christmas music.

What Rein offers is not the traditional Christmas concert:

"I wish to create excitement and happiness in church, and my concerts include an element of humor as well as the more solemn moments. Additionally, I want to share the message of love for my audience to take home for Christmas", she explains.

The tour is also a collaboration with relief organization Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), with which Trine recently visited one of the refugee camps in Uganda in preparation for the tour. She will share more about this mission during the concert.

MAF is a world wide relief organization flying much needed supplies, medical equipment and medical personell to the hardest-to-reach, and most often troubled areas of the world. Every third minute one of MAF's 140 airplanes take off or land on a mission in one of the 25 countries they operate within - in Asia, South-America or in Africa. They are politically neutral, and help other relief organizations in transporting necessary aid and supplies to various disaster struck areas.

This year, Julegaven visits the following churches - for tickets, please click here JULEGAVEN

28.11.17 Nittedal Rotnes Kirke
29.11.17 Lillehammer Lillehammer Kirke
30.11.17 Løten Løten Kirke
30.11.17 Brumunddal Brumunddal Kirke
01.12.17 Søndre Land Skute Kirke
01.12.17 Vestre Toten Ås Kirke
02.12.17 Gran Tingelstad Kirke
03.12.17 Gjøvik Biri kirke
05.12.17 Bergen Johannesskirken
06.12.17 Fitjar Fitjar Kirke
06.12.17 Bømlo Bremnes Kirke
07.12.17 Sveio Sveio Kirke
07.12.17 Karmøy Nye Kopervik Kirke
08.12.17 Sandnes Gand Kirke
08.12.17 Stavanger St.Petri Kirke
09.12.17 Sandnes Riska Kirke
09.12.17 Bryne Bryne Kirken
10.12.17 Flekkefjord Flekkefjord Kirke
11.12.17 Grimstad Grimstad Kirke
11.12.17 Arendal Barbu Kirke
12.12.17 Holmestrand KulturYkirken
12.12.17 Svelvik Svelvik Kirke
15.12.17 Hamar Vang Kirke
15.12.17 Stange Stange Kirke
16.12.17 Jessheim Jessheim Nye Kirke
16.12.17 Oslo Bøler Kirke
17.12.17 Mysen Eidsberg Kirke
17.12.17 Løken Løken kirke
18.12.17 Nedre Eiker Nedre Eiker Kirke
18.12.17 Oslo Ullern Kirke
19.12.17 Kongsberg Kongsberg Kirke
19.12.17 Eiker Vestfossen Kirke
20.12.17 Asker Østenstad
20.12.17 Oslo Fagerborg Kirke
21.12.17 Sarpsborg Tune Kirke
21.12.17 Vestby Vestby Kirke
22.12.17 Oslo Vålerengen Kirke


For tickets, please visit: JULEGAVEN


Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia