On a fresh note...

Trine Rein is in the studio these days, creating new material for upcoming concerts... ...and this time, she has surrounded herself with a well of new inspiration! Feeling the urge to develop a brand new genre of music, something to just lay back and enjoy, Trine has contacted quite the original bunch of colleagues to reach her goals. The team working together are performers and artists with more than 100 years of experience in the music business altogether, and the cast will probably surprise most, and possibly trigger some curiosity in some.

Writing, producing and recording this new wave of sound besides from the artist herself are Norwegian guitar virtuoso and TNT founder, Ronni Le Tekrø, and writer, producer, multi musician and artist, Tony Carey, whose background reaches back to the 70'ies with rock bands like Rainbow and Over the Rainbow.

So the line up basically consists of a bohemian rock guitarist, a Native American rock keyboard player and "chief of chanting" producer, and a soul/pop Norwegian/American voice with roots in American folk crossover country gospel.... well, it's a bit challenging to describe the outcome of this collaboration, but judging by the smiles and high fives from the studio, it would seem that the audience has a lot in store.

Only one live concert is so far announced at Ibsenhuset, Sat. April 25th, where Tony Carey himself will be joining us as the band leader, no less! This may be a musically life changing experience, and most definitely the start of something new and exciting to enjoy!

For tickets, please visit IBSENHUSET

Welcome adventurers!