Story of Love opening show!

Ibsenhuset, Saturday April 25th at 7:30pm The opening show for the Story of Love concert is near, and it is a great honor to announce the names on the bill this time. Together with legendary Tony Carey and Ronni Le Tekrø, Trine Rein has created new material for her upcoming shows. This new material calls for experience, and in her opening show Trine has managed to get no other than Tony Carey to personally lead her band through this musical turning point in her career.

Special guest artist and songwriter, Geir Arne Hansen, will also join in the concert this evening, the writer who gave Trine's new concert the name: Story of Love.

This concert show will be one of many dimensions where the audience is given both familiar and new song material with a live twist to the arrangements. Trine Rein wants her audience to shamelessly indulge in the new waves of music, and to just sit back and relax while she performs her fresh sounds.

"A while back, I had an almost life changing experience which turned out to be my inspiration for this new, musical direction. I experienced music in a way I never had before, and found myself in a place where I just wanted to stay forever. It was epic. I want to share that same experience with my audience now, and I hope they will perceive it in the way we have wanted it to feel," Trine Rein says.

Support act: Hanne Leland

Welcome to Ibsenhuset, Saturday April 25th at 7:30pm. For tickets, please visit IBSENHUSET