Tickets to "The Christmas Gift"-tour available now!

As we still have snow in major parts of Norway, and it is, in fact, still snowing from time to time, we are taking the opportunity to launch this year's upcoming Christmas tour - JULEGAVEN - (the Christmas Gift)! Trine Rein is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her own JULEGAVEN Christmas tour, and this year, she is proud to introduce fantastic opera singer, Eli Kristin Hanssveen, to join the team! Eli Kristin is an extremely versatile singer who manages to perform opera as well as secular pop and rock music - a very rare combination, and in some musical environments, downright unheard of!

The two artists will perform a variety of classical as well as contemporary Christmas music to get you in the right Christmas spirit. The concert will potentially move you and make you happy, and you will receive a gift for the heart and the soul on your continued life journey.

This year's musicians are the wonderful Olav Torgeir Kopsland on strings - to keep the traditions alive - and the new kid in town, multi instrumentalist Sjur Husom Vonen on keyboards and guitars.

We are happy to announce that this year, JULEGAVEN will be supporting the hard working charity organization, Mission Aviation Fellowship - MAF Norway.


Tickets available now - WELCOME!

For tickets: JULEGAVEN 2017

Trine Rein

Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist, sales exceed 1 mill. albums, first solo release 1993, major territories: Norway, Japan, Denmark, Europe/Asia